The Carol(s) of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs forces us to look at ourselves and state the facts: the relationships you have, break, and start, the journey you’re on, the goals you’ve set, the places you’ve been, the home you’ve built and the plans you make have no bearing on the fact that you’re going to die. At the end of the movie, it’s like the directors chuckle as they peer into the hearts of their viewers and smugly say, “What? We’re just being honest.”

The Truth about Mr. Rogers

The documentary is shot with the same winsomeness in which the show was created, the pacing a tangible ode to the deliberate cadence of Fred Rogers. Much of the acclaimed film doubles as a remedy to the soul - each one of the Fred Rogers stories a unique band-aid for particular wounds.

Mary Karr – The Voice of God

Shout out to Caleb Gotthardt for passing on this stellar poem by Mary Karr. Enjoy. Ninety percent of what’s wrong with you     could be cured with a hot bath, says God from the bowels of the subway.     but we want magic, to win the lottery we never bought a ticket for.... Continue Reading →

Corporate America Apologies and The Mirrors We Quickly Turn Away From

I want the commercials to simply be apologetic failures I can roll my eyes at rather than a mirror that reflects the apology habits that are, sadly, part of my repertoire as well. Despite wanting an honest apology from the person who has wronged me, I quickly forget the same when I’m the offender. Like Mark Zuckerberg, I fidget, word-vomit, and murmur when I’m on trial. 

What Could Have Been – Dana Streufert

A fitting poem from Dana Streufert with Ascension and Pentecost Sunday in our rearview. Check out more of Dana's work at her blog!    Were it not for love this parting act could have been easy   Pain lessened, lighter load lifted, never bleeding   Empty, hollow without ceasing this leaving   could have been  ... Continue Reading →

This is America: A Much Needed Surgery

It may be that the reluctance to see how deep the cracks and fissures in our society go can be attributed to fear. Fear that, at some point, we’ll be found to be in the wrong. We’ll find that as individuals and as a society, we have contributed to some kind of evil, in Glover’s case the deep-rooted sin of racial injustice.

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