In Memory of MLK: “But if Not, I’m Going on Anyhow”

50 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most prominent evangelicals and activists in the 20th century, was murdered because he stood defiantly for truth and justice. Below is an excerpt from a sermon he gave in 1967 on the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, about six months before his assassination.

A Prayer for Resurrection Sunday

Not even that “final enemy” of death, which so seems to have the final word in human affairs. Easter corrects our faulty notions. Christ, in fact, as Victor over the grave has the final say in human affairs, whether living or dying!

A Prayer for Good Friday

I praise you for the relief of knowing that neither my prayers, my worship, my service, my repentance, my listening, my giving, my helping, my work performance, my refraining from impolite things, nor keeping of commands---nothing I manage to perform that I should nor resist that I shouldn’t will ever be enough! 

Love and Death: When Ash Wednesday Meets Saint Valentine

...On the surface, the holidays seem at opposite ends of the spectrum; their awkward clash akin to a middle school dance where the angsty emo kid slow dances with the class flirt. But I say all the better for it. For me, the coming together of the unlikely pair raises a question worth considering: What can love be in light of the unsavory truth that we all will die?

Waiting, Seeing, and Receiving

The beauty of Advent is not in the waiting or giving great gifts or even in baby Jesus: It is receiving the grace of God. When the Word becomes flesh, we see and we receive. This is the simple message of the gospel: See and receive!

The Efficacy of Prayer

In the Lord’s prayer, we ask for our daily bread; that he provide for our "hunger" and fill the void of our hunger pains. At least for me, food is easily attainable; I am hungry, therefore I eat. The hunger is usually fulfilled before a dizzy, angry, and ill-tempered stage. I rarely reach a point... Continue Reading →

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