The Both/And Christmas Movie Extravaganza

We wanted to compile a list of movies that get at the real heart of the Advent season. Some take place in a Christmas setting but the majority are probably the most un-Christmassy Christmas movies you’ve ever heard of. So toss a yule log on the fire, grab the popcorn, and snuggle up under a blanket – here are our top picks.

The Carol(s) of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs forces us to look at ourselves and state the facts: the relationships you have, break, and start, the journey you’re on, the goals you’ve set, the places you’ve been, the home you’ve built and the plans you make have no bearing on the fact that you’re going to die. At the end of the movie, it’s like the directors chuckle as they peer into the hearts of their viewers and smugly say, “What? We’re just being honest.”

The Sacrificial Art of the Avett Brothers

In a digital age driven by likes and "authentic posts,” the Avett Brothers offer their contributions toward different ends. Rather than posting something reaching for comfort and solace for self, their exposed emotions create a bridge between them and their audience. they do the hard work so that we can feel comforted. It is a bridge supported by empathy where audiences can relate and say “you feel like that too?”

A Lost Sheep Named Lion

Saroo’s struggle to find his way home is beyond imagining. And yet there’s something about his story that resonates on a deeper level in which Percy’s imagery helps elucidate; it’s natural to long for news from across the seas.

Atlanta: An Ode to the Mundane

Thankful for Eli Brown and his terrific review and reflection on the 2016 breakout TV show Atlanta. Here it is: I am hard-pressed to think of ways to describe Atlanta, Donald Glover’s newest creation for the small screen, which debuted in September of 2016 on FX. Lauded by critics everywhere as one of the freshest and... Continue Reading →

Calling Friday Good

There's no point in killing a bad priest. Killing a good one? That would be a shock! They wouldn't know what to make of that. I'm going to kill you, Father. I'm going to kill you 'cause you've done nothing wrong! I'm going to kill you because you're innocent. These startling lines come from the... Continue Reading →

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